Blackjack rules

Why should every lover of card games learn to play black jack? Because it is one of the best casino card games - interesting, pleasant and giving immense satisfaction. The basic rules of the game are presented in this guide to blackjack.

How to play blackjack 21? The player's goal is to score 21 points (you can not exceed this value) or a smaller number, trying to get the score as close as possible to 21. If the player manages to get exactly 21 points, we call this blacjack situation.

How to play blackjack in a casino? Regardless of whether you play blackjack at a casino or you are in a home online casino, the gaming table will always be arranged in one and the same way. There is a dealer on one side and 1 to 6 players in front of him. Each player has his own betting area, which is separated on the table. This is a place for cards, betting, double bet and an optional security box. The dealer also has an area for cards and a "shoe", i.e. a wooden box with at least one waist. Advanced "shoes" on the cards even include shuffle options.

Some people prefer to move the excitement of the game to a completely neutral ground and check how to play blackjack at home, for example with friends during the party. All you need is a table, chairs and a few decks of cards. If everything is ready, you can start ... as long as you know the exact rules of the game. This guide will present the rules and strategies of the blackjack game. Then there is nothing else but to play blackjack like a pro.

Official blackjack rules

Blackjack rules are not difficult at all. Especially if after familiarizing with the general rules, the player will learn to use guides, charts and strategies. If the player decides to start the adventure with card games, then he should study for himself the possible systems to increase the chance of winning.

Let's start with the basics, ie the rules of the game and the rules of blackjack casinos. To play blackjack, we need from one to several decks. It is assumed that the less the deck, the better for the player. In the second half of the twentieth century changed the official rules of the blackjack game and increased the number of decks of cards, which was aimed at eliminating the counting systems used by players.

All decks are shuffled together and stored in the "shoe" from which the dealer hands the players cards. Each deck consists of 52 individual cards. Colors do not affect the course of the game. The numbers on the cards correspond to their numerical values from 2 to 10. Figures: King, Queen, Jack count as 10. As may take the value of 1 or 11 depending on which value is more suited to the player in a given game.

In this game, people at the table do not compete with each other. Each participant tries to gain an advantage over the distributors. According to the standard blackjack rules, the player should aim to collect a total of 21 points from the cards that will be given to him. You can not exceed the value of 21, because you lose ("bust") the hand. However, you can have fewer points, just to be closer to 21 than the dealer.

Simple blackjack rules allow a maximum of 6 players at the dealer's table and usually just that many people play. Each of them brings his bet to the game, meaning "bet". Players receive from the dealer two exposed cards that everyone else can see. The dealer takes out two more cards and places them in his play area. One of the cards is revealed and the other card is covered.

At this point, players must take one of the two basic decisions in the game blackjack: match or fold. By choosing or "hit" is meant asking the dealer for the next card, in order to bring the sum of cards to the value of 21. Passing or waiting, or "stand" means stopping two cards received from the dealer and not taking another card.

Players who were left in the game after picking the cards (ie they did not exceed 21 points) and those who passed folded for the move from the dealer's side. The dealer reveals his second card and based on the number of points, he can choose to match or fold.

Dealer blackjack rules determine exactly what the dealer should do in the hand. Picking or folding is not a personal decision of the dealer. In the casino, everything is subject to meticulous calculation. In the case when the player has received a card with a value of 6 and Asa, which takes 11 points - a total of 17 points, it is referred to as "soft 17". Any other combination that gives the sum of 17 (eg cards with values of 7 and 10) is called "hard 17". In each casino you can check whether the dealer selects the card at "soft 17" or matches.

The key to winning blackjack

The key to winning the blackjack are also two other possibilities to play the game (in addition to choosing "hit" cards or folding the "stand" game). These are doubles ("double") and splitting ("split") bets.

When a player receives the first two cards, he has the opportunity to double the bet and compulsively draw one card.

Another option to play a hand is the separation that occurs when the participant has two cards of the same value (eg 4 clubs and 4 diamonds). The player divides the cards into two separate "boxes". Both the first and the second bet must be placed at the same stake. Specific variants of blackjack, as well as various casinos, allow the distribution of cards up to 4 "boxes". According to basic blackjack tips, it is always recommended to separate two aces.

The best way to win at blackjack is to be very lucky and hit 21 points on the first hand. If the two cards dealt to the player after adding up have the value of 21 (eg 10 and as with the value of 11), then the player has hit blackjack. In such a situation, the game is automatically won or, if the dealer also has blackjack, a draw is made and the player leaves the bet on zero.

There is also an insurance option (bet insurance) of the bet, i.e. an additional bet that is half of the original bet. You can insure a hand only if the dealer's face card is an ace. If the second card of the dealer is 10 and the dealer collects blackjack, then the player is paid the money, otherwise the player loses.


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